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Washbag Small - Solena

Washbag Small - Solena

Washbag Small - Black Stripes

Washbag Small - Black Stripes

Washbag Small - Zig Zag

In stock

- Outside material: High-quality plastic with glossy finish
- Inside material: satin polyester
- inside colour : light blue Sealable with zipper
- High-class accessory softbag included
- Dimensions: 17 x 7,5 x 13 cm

Special Price €16.92 Regular Price €19.90




Fantastically beautiful travel companions

The time of old-fashioned toilet bags has gone. Here are the brand new REMEMBER® Wash Bags! The happily designed Wash Bags are available in two sizes – perfect for all of your bath accessories and cosmetics items. The robust and water-repellent material makes sure that all items will be well protected, well arranged and always within easy reach. The practical extra pockets on the inside and a zipper pocket in the big Wash Bag help to store smaller accessories, such as jewellery, separately. And

everything stays well protected from humidity, sunlight and from prying eyes.



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