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Pin World by Countries Standard - Black

Pin World by Countries Standard - Black


Crumpled City Map Amsterdam

PinWorld Map by Cities Mini - Black

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PW/B mini

- Printed using non-toxing inks
- 100% recyclable
- Washable
- Iron on reverse
- Dimensions: 77 x 48 cm
- Made in Italy




Designed by Emanuele Pizzolorusso and Alessandro Maffioletti and printed on felt, this new collection includes both world maps and a series portraying some of the most important cities.

The imagery on the PIN CITY Wall Maps reveals the energy and density of today’s cities, whereas the continents on the PIN WORLD Wall Maps, including the cities with over 1 million inhabitants, offer a unique and exciting view of a world without borders. The surprising araphic results achieved make the maps ideal for display at home or in the office.

The decision to use felt for the maps is an integral part of the project. Felt is a “warm” material that transmits intimacy. The tactile characteristics of felt transform the static nature of a map – a simple object to be looked at - into something new with which users can interact.

Using the special pins provided with the maps – another original design by the creators of the project – it is possible to relate to the geographical image presented and develop an individual narrative concept.
Pins, notes, personal comments, drawings, photos and souvenirs can be attached to the maps to create a travel log of an actual trip or the expedition of your dreams. Thus you can create a Wall Map Diary - making it possible to share your ‘adventures’ with friends and family.


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