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Skull Tidy - White

Skull Tidy - White

Skull Tidy - Gold

Skull Tidy - Gold

Skull Tidy - Black

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sk tidyskull2

Organise the essentials in your head.

- A hollow skull for your essentials
- Measures 12.5cm(W) x 16cm(H) x 21.5cm(D)
- Highly detailed surface and shape
- The ideal place to store your wallet, keys, phone, jewellery or makeup
- Color: Black

Special Price €41.96 Regular Price €59.95




Keys, glasses, phone, watch, loose change, and the contents of your pockets... it can be difficult keeping all these things in mind. Get organised, keep your paraphernalia in a skull, freeing up space in yours. The key to good organisation is to keep everything in one place, so stay tidy, fill your head with stuff before you lose it. Designed for holding the things you use every day. A great gift for the forgetful. An idea by Rosie Upright made by Suck UK 125 x 160 x 215mm | 1.1Kg
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