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MB Tresor - Le Petit Prince - Planet

MB Tresor - Le Petit Prince - Planet

Guard Dog Money Box

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Protects your savings better than any piggy.

- White ceramic bulldog shaped money box.
- Cork stopper if you need to release your savings.
- Like a piggy bank... but more secure.
- Protects your savings better than any piggy.
- Dimensions: 145mm(W) x 230mm(H) x 300mm(D)


Special Price €34.97 Regular Price €69.95




No other money box will guard your savings with such style. All the best parts of a traditional piggy bank but a far cooler creature than a pig. Keep your cash safe in the belly of a stern looking guard dog to intimidate any would-be burglars attempting to steal your pocket money.

Designed and made by Suck UK

145 x 230 x 300mm | 1.3Kg

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