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Mugshot Height Chart

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Keep a photographic record of your little reprobates.

- Double sided poster with measurements in feet, inches, metres and cm's and 10 double sided number cards
- Perfect for parties!
- Keep track of your little ones as they grow
- A novelty gift for kids & adults alike

Special Price €7.00 Regular Price €10.00




A double-sided paper poster and set of 10 number cards. Create a convict-style case file on the growth of your little terrors, complete with photographic evidence! Start by ensuring the poster correctly records the height, then ask the suspect to hold the numbered age cards in front of their chest. Take two photos, one front-view, one side-view, and you'll have an almost official criminal record to add to the photo album. A light-hearted gift for friends with adorable (crazy) kids. Design by Rosie Upright for SUCK UK

An idea by Rosie Upright made by Suck UK

123 x 200 x 20mm | 0.2Kg

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