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Bike Sticker Micro-Stripes

Bike Sticker Micro-Stripes

Bike Sticker Claudette

Bike Sticker Claudette

Bike Sticker Etienne

In stock

- Material: removable film, scaled on the back
- Film dimensions: 18 x 300 cm including measuring tape
- Packaging dimensions: Height: 20 cm, Ø 9.5 cm

Special Price €16.92 Regular Price €19.90




Pimp your bike with haute couture for your bike

Why not pep up your bike and give it a new look? Not a problem with the new BikeDress from REMEMBER®: simply trim the adhesive film and redesign your bike to your heart’s content. Select one of the motifs to suit your taste and tailor a great outfit for your bike. And once the season is over and you fancy a change? Simply find a new BikeDress from the collection!

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