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Here Capsule by Countries Small - Red

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PinWorld Map by Cities Mini - Light Blue

Phil The Bottle New York

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- 100% recyclable
- BPA free
- PETG plastic bottle with aluminium cap
- List of city's drinking fountains
- Dimensions: 9,5 x 4 x 17,5 cm
- Capacity: 500 ml




Phil the bottle is an urban bottle designed for all of us who spend our days on the run. A bottle is a nomadic object by definition, and Phil is even more so.
Pocket size like a notebook, it’s born to be carried easily.

Phil is also a very useful map. On the back of each bottle there is a list of the city’s drinking fountain locations, where it can be filled; these available sources of drinking water, which is safe because it is highly monitored, are listed one by one with easy to find addresses.
City by city, you’ll always be able to refill your bottle, avoiding single use water bottles and helping to protect the environment.

Dimensions: L 9.5 x D 4 x H 17.5 cm | 500 ml