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Here by Countries Medium - Black

Here by Countries Large - Black

Here by Countries Large - Black

Here Capsule by Countries Medium - Red

In stock

- Italian Design
- Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 1,5 cm
- Components: Here (cities) + 50 pin markers
- Printed using non-toxic inks on Cordenons Wild Paper with 35% of cotton
- Made in Florence, Italy

Special Price €21.00 Regular Price €35.00



At first Here looks bi-dimensional, as an atlas; in just a few seconds it turns into a three-dimensional globe. The graphics enhance the paper’s preciousness, tactile quality and texture.
Here stands up on its own, it is very light and can be placed anywhere, on a table or bookcase but also on the floor.
Here is the world as it should be: as delicate as a poem, both simple and sophisticated, transparent to the point where we can always read our traces on it.

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