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Patschisi Board Game

Patschisi Board Game

RS11 Rocket Umbrella San Rondo

RS11 Rocket Umbrella San Rondo

Pocket Umbrella San Remo

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-With automatic button mechanism for easy and quick opening and closing
- Rubber wrist strap
- Materials: Plastic, umbrella silk, metal bracings
- Closed dimensions: Length 29 cm, O 5.5 cm
- Opened dimensions: Length 58 cm, O 100 cm
- Weight: 395 Gram




Pocket Umbrella

Strikingly conspicuous!

These handy, brightly-coloured pocket umbrellas defy any downpour and fit in any handbag. At just the press of a button, the luminous colours are guaranteed to lift your spirits - even when the weather is downright miserable. And when the shower is over? Quickly press the little button once more, fold the umbrella together, and it’s back in its matching protective cover in an instant.

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