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The Boombox Pop Amplificator Orange

The Boombox Pop Amplificator Orange

The Boombox Metal Amplificator Silver

In stock

- Magnetic induction speaker for smartphone
- Composition: Synthetic
- Color: Silver
- High quality speaker 5w
- Rechargeable battery 1200 mAH
- 8H battery life
- Compatible with Android or iOS
- Dimensions: 23 x 11 x 8 cm
- Collection: Fall - Winter

Special Price €29.50 Regular Price €59.00



4All The Boombox METAL silver magnetic induction speaker for smartphone with high quality speaker 5w and rechargeable battery 1200 mAH.
Very simple to use it without wired connections, just simply place your phone. Additional is compatible with Android or iOS. Very practical and ideal for your vacations while it will add a fun touch to your home.

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