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Glass Bottle White Dove

Glass Bottle White Dove

MB Positive M - Grey Coton

MB Positive M - Grey Coton

Neon Light Bird in a Cage

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sk neonbird1

A bird shaped neon light in a metal cage.

- The bird light measures at 6" tall
- Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included) or USB (2m cable included)
- Emits a fresh white glow
- A bird shaped neon light in a black metal cage
- Dimensions: 160 x 255 x 160mm






This self-contained lamp comprises a white neon tube in the shape of a bird, perched inside a simple black metal cage that can be hung from the ceiling or placed on a table. The bird is 6” tall and adds a fresh white glow to any space. Traditionally neon lights have been the preserve of bars & nightclubs, but new technology brings cold cathode to your home, conveniently powered by 4 AAA batteries or USB (2m cable included). All the pleasures of owning a pet bird with added convenience of an on-off switch and no need for feeding or cleaning up bird poop.

An idea by Nick Lerwill made by Suck UK

160 x 255 x 160mm | 0.5Kg

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