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Solar System Fridge Magnets

Solar System Fridge Magnets

Cocktail Mix Glass - Hangover cocktail

Cocktail Mix Glass - Hangover cocktail

Flashing Drink Topper

In stock
sk flash dm2

Neon effect decoration for bottles & cocktails.

- Letters are illuminated with LEDs and flash in sequence
- In built attachment fits almost all types of glassware
- Endlessly reusable for many glasses of fun
- 45 second light display




Serve drinks and bring bottles with some tropical flare. Designed in the style of vintage era Vegas neon, this flashing decoration illuminates the message 'Drink Me' in a 45 second LED light display. Fits on almost any glass and any bottle. An endlessly reusable design by SUCK UK

Designed and made by Suck UK

82 x 95 x 20mm | 38g

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