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Patschisi Board Game

Patschisi Board Game

Chinese Chequers - Halma

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- For ages 6+ 
- 2 - 6 players
- 60 game pieces in 6 different colours in a fabric pouch
- Material: Plywood (game board), maple wood (game pieces)
- Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 2 cm (game board); O 1.2 cm, height 2.6 cm (game piece)

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Chinese Chequers

The brightest star in the board game sky!

With its simple rules, Chinese chequers has become famous around the world. REMEMBER® has now brought the classic board game back into the spotlight with a colourful and modern design. The game board is made from multi-layered wood and equipped with a white varnished surface, while the playing surface is made up of multiple colourful, cylindrical indentations - perfectly suited for the game pieces, which are just as brightly painted. The attractive, scaled-back appeal of its appearance convinces every fan of good design and classic games. You can keep track of things even when playing with up to six players, as the pieces can no longer shift out of place.


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