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Crumpled Sky Autumn/Winter 45N

Crumpled Sky Autumn/Winter 45N

Puzzle Map Natural World M - Black

Puzzle Map Natural World M - Black

Crumpled Sky Spring/Summer 45N

In stock

- 100% waterproof
- Made in Italy
- Dimensions: 87 x 87 cm




The starry sky above our heads is an inexhaustible source of dreams.
“Crumpled Sky” is a small collection of contemporary maps dedicated to the starry skyes that can be seen with naked eye.
The starry sky looks different depending on where we are, and then it changes with each season. Therefore, the collection comprises a series of maps that allow everyone everywhere to have the thrill of looking at the sky in any season.
The maps are soft, very lightweight yet extremely resistant, perfectly waterproof, designed to be quickly put away in the bag without folding.
They are perfect for carrying around and consulting on starry nights but also wonderful to be hung on the wall.
No technical knowledge or instruments are required. Just your eyes and a beautiful starry night around you.
You also have to be a dreamer!