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Wirelessly rechargeable 3W Bluetooth® speaker Mino+ - Pink

Wirelessly rechargeable 3W Bluetooth® speaker Mino+ - Pink

Headphone Splitter Jack Rabbit

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sk jackrabbit 1

Headphone splitter, share the music you love with friends.

- Plug 2 sets of headphones into Jack Rabbit’s ears!
- Listen to the same song in full stereo
- Measures 4cm(W) x 5.7cm(H) x 2cm(D)




A new sociable way to be anti-social, share your music in full stereo and not just in one ear. No longer will you just hear the drum beat while your friend gets the awesome guitar solo. With Jack Rabbit Headphone Splitter you both use your own headphones but listen to the exact same song, at the exact same time, from the exact same device. Just plug 2 pairs of headphones into the Rabbit's ears. Fully compatible with the controls and mic on iPhone and other devices.

Designed and made by Suck UK

40 x 57 x 20mm | 6g

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