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Men's socks design 27

Men's socks design 27

Bike Sticker Micro-Stripes

Bike Sticker Micro-Stripes

Men's socks design 28

In stock

- Gift packaging
- Washable up to 40°C
- Material: 80% cotton, 17% nylon, 3% Spandex
- Women’s one size: 36-41
- Men’s one size: 41-46

Special Price €7.92 Regular Price €9.90



We’ve got our socks on...
Colourful socks are totally trendy! It’s almost a must for us take the hearts of all fans of good dress sense by storm with 10 brand new, colourful sock designs in REMEMBER® style. Besides their look, the extraordinary comfort is also impressive: heavenly soft, warm and incredibly elastic – perfect for the cold time of year.

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