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Drumstick Pens - Blue

Drumstick Pens - Blue

Space Shuttle Stationery

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sk setspace1

Interlocking pens, pencils and giant eraser.

  • Includes a spaceship shaped eraser, two pencils, a four-colour pen and 15cm ruler

  • A space themed stationary set

  • Everything you need for any academic space mission!




Preparing you with the astronaut’s essentials for school. Consisting of a spaceship eraser, two pencils, a four colour pen, and a countdown 15cm ruler, means this set will get you ready for any sort of academic mission. The pen and pencils dock neatly into the eraser allowing you to easily pack up and fly around. A space saving design by Nick Lerwill for SUCK UK.

An idea by Nick Lerwill made by Suck UK

51 x 162 x 44mm | 55.7g

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